kristenplescow: has me drawing a lot of things I’m not used to… which is definitely not a bad thing! Ice is especially tricky — they took forever because I hate colorpicking off of photos. The eyedropper tool makes things so easy, but then I wouldn’t learn as much.

The ice studies were pretty much as they appeared in the original photograph, and the other studies were more of a Find The Easiest Way To Render This Out Without Killing Myself.

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So it’s 1:30 am.  I just woke up because I needed a drink of water.  I walk out of my room, and I hear something.
It sounds like a small whimper or a cry.
I walk into the living room and…

I see this.

She somehow flipped her pigloo over.  
And now she’s stuck.
And is crying.

I seriously cannot figure out she flipped it over, let alone how she got in (since she obviously can’t get out).
My poor, silly potato baby.  I grabbed her and flipped it back, and now she’s already happily asleep.  It was probably so uncomfortable and she couldn’t sleep - hopefully she wasn’t that way for too long lol.

Oh, my Biscotti.  Never a dull moment with you.

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This was my chemistry professor.

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This cat looks like it was sculpted out of frozen yogurt.

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talking to your friends on skype more like 


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"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."




This is an outrage. No no no NO NO NO

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